Monday, April 3, 2017


Hey lovers & lushes!
Welcome to Conversayshuns and Cocktails, where we'll cover all things taboo & alcoholic beverages. Every week we'll get together, grab a cocktail & discuss topics most people won't address in everyday situations specifically those pertaining to sex.
Now let me introduce myself. I'm Ms. Ro aka the future Dr. Ro (claiming it!!). And this blog brings together 2 of my favorite things to do…talking and drinking!!! So I'm 30 years old & I currently reside in Atlanta Ga. I'm a grad student studying Relationship Therapy & Sexology. This blog will be mostly about introducing people to good drinks and ways to have happier healthier sex lives as well as documenting my journey to becoming a sexologist.
Full disclosure…I don't know everything and won't pretend like I do, so we'll sometimes be joined by my Gem Friends, who'll contribute different perspectives for our Conversayshuns. I'll introduce them in another post.
Along will our Conversayshuns we'll be exploring new drinks with each post. Now I'm personally a “brown” type of chic but I'm always open to trying something new. So each post will start with a new drink recipe & end with a mini review.
I must stress that C&C is a safe judgment free zone. Negativity of all types will not be tolerated in anyway shape or form.
Also C&C does not promote underage drinking for any reason!! All drink recipes are for 21 and older ONLY!!
Finally C&C is an advocate of safe sex and recommend that you get tested regularly and always use protection!! There will be a future post all about contraceptives.
If you would like to recommend a drink or have a topic for a conversayshun feel free to email me @
Thanks for joining us!!
Cheers…To good drinks and Great Sex!!!!!
Ms. Ro


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